Telehealth Services

Due to the COVID-19 situation, our practice offers telephone and video appointments to all patients who prefer this option. A Medicare Rebate will be applicable for telehealth consults if you have been seen in our clinic face to face in the last 12 months. Please ask reception for this option or follow the prompts on our "Online Booking".


A routine health check up can be arranged at Canning Vale Medical Centre. There are particular check ups for 4year olds, 45-49 year olds and over 75 year olds. For all other types of routine check ups then please enquire from our receptionists.


Childhood vaccinations for 2,4,6,12 and 18 month old children and vaccines and four year old checks for the four year olds are available at Canning Vale Medical Centre. We also offer a full range of vaccines for older children and adults including Flu vaccinations. Our nurses hold current 'Vaccination Certificates' and attend regular updates on changes to schedules in WA. They can also assist with putting details of your children's vaccines to the national register to ensure that you can access your childcare payments.

Cervical Screening Test

Cervical Screening Tests (CST), formerly known as Pap Smears will now be transitioning to five yearly due to improved screening techniques. Any abnormal symptoms need to be reported to your doctor sooner and this is only for screening tests.

Doctors Health

A growing number of doctors and their families access care at Canning Vale Medical Centre. Our doctors are experienced in managing unique issues that impact doctors health and are mindful of managing these in a confidential and effective way. Close contact with Doctors for Doctors Health resources are utilised at our clinic.  

Family Planning

Doctors at Canning Vale Medical Centre can discuss all aspects of family planning including pre-conception checks, as well as contraception including implanon and Mirena insertions (offered by Dr. Wu). Referrals for vasectomy and termination of pregnancy are offered by most doctors at the practice (please note Dr. Crouch and Dr. Schutte will not be able to see or refer for terminations).
A pregnancy test can be done by urine sample or blood sample at the practice; there is a medicare rebate for these tests; a urine result is available on the spot and is usually able to be done from the first day of a missed period.


Your GP can offer support and counselling for any situations; they are often your first port of call if you need access to a professional for mental health problems or if you are experiencing some difficulty or distress. Our doctors can arrange for 'Mental Health Care Plans'; suitability needs to be assessed by your GP as you need to have a chronic mental health condition to qualify. With this, you can have access to a psychologist with rebate available from medicare.

Travel Advice

Canning Vale Medical Centre offers a range of travel vaccinations for various destinations to ensure that you stay well while away. Doctors can also advise on specific other issues such as malaria prophylaxis, mosquito and water protection. Dr. Michael Crouch has a special interest in travel medicine and can offer advise regarding more complicated travel itineraries. Book through reception for an appointment to discuss these with one of our doctors.

ECG: Heart Check

An electrocardiograph, or ECG, can be done quickly and easily by one of our practice nurses. This important heart check can be done for those experiencing chest pain, palpitations or other concerns with their heart. It is done routinely for any of our diabetic patients and those on some particular medications that may increase the risk of problems with the heart. Your doctor can advise you if you need this test. Again there is a medicare rebate for this check up.

Sports Medicine

Sporting injuries including strains, fractures and other injuries can be dealt with by our competent doctors. Referral for imaging (xrays) and surgery can be arranged if needed. We offer ultrasound therapy for some muscular conditions; please book and discuss with your doctor. Some of our doctors such as Dr. Colin Lau have a special interest in sports medicine.

Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicule Accidents

Special medicals for sports car racing (CAMS)  is available here as well as all aspects of workers compensation claims and motor vehicle injury management. 

Erectile Dysfunction

Your doctor can discuss this sensitive matter and look at various treatment options. There are some medications that can affect sexual health function and your doctor can consider if this may be the case with yourself.

Skin Checks

Full skin check ups are available with our doctors. Removal of concerning skin lesions can be done here at the medical centre by most of our doctors. Dr. Colin Lau, has a special interest in skin cancer and holds a Diploma in Skin Cancer Medicine; he can be consulted regarding some of the more complex skin problems.

Care Plans

Care Plans are an important part of health care planning for anyone with a chronic health condition such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, or other conditions that are ongoing and require the care of several health care professionals.


The care plan gives you an opportunity to set your own goals and become more aware of the services you can access, steps you can take to improve your health and reduce complications, and to take ownership of your health journey. In consultation with your GP and practice nurse you develop a plan which is provided to your other health providers and which outlines a one year strategy.


Care plan visits are currently bulk billed as are the six month review visits. Speak to your GP if you think you may be eligible and ensure that you are keeping up with the annual plan and six monthly reviews.

Intrauterine Device (IUD) and Implanon

Insertion and Removal

The Mirena IUD can be inserted by Dr. Wu at Canning Vale Medical Centre; it is a contraception that once inserted can stay in place for five years.

Implanon is a form of contraception; a progestogen only hormonal implant that is inserted in the upper arm. The procedure can be done by Dr. Cherry Wu, Dr. Hui Jern Loh, or Dr. Penny Daniels at the clinic and is a simple procedure that can take 15-20 minutes to do. Once inserted the implant lasts for three years.

Joint Injections

Joint injections and aspirations are sometimes needed for treatment of some conditions. Some of the practice doctors can offer this service; call and enquire if you may need this.

Minor Surgery

Our treatment room is equipped to deal with minor surgical procedures including suturing minor cuts and lacerations, removal of skin lesions, some lumps and bumps, and other procedures such as toe nail resections for ingrown toe nails.

Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen can be used for a variety of skin problems such as warts and sun spots; we have facilities to treat with this at Canning Vale Medical Centre.

Book an appointment or submit a request for a script online.
If you require urgent medical attention after hours, call us (9456 5999) and we will arrange for a doctor to see you at home.


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