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If you are requesting a script for one of your regular medications from your usual general practitioner,

this may be done without a visit.

You can request the script by ringing and speaking to our reception staff on 9456 5999 

or alternatively you can email the request to :





If you are emailing then make sure:

  1. You are a regular practice patient who has attended the surgery in person in the last 12 months; scripts will not be issued otherwise.

  2. The medication you are requesting is an ongoing medication that your doctor has prescribed for you before.

  3. Include your name, date of birth, home address as well as each medication name and dose in the email.

  4. You agree to pay the script fee; $15 for one or $20 for 2-3. Additional charges will apply for authority scripts or more than 3 medications.

Once your script is ready, you will be notified that it is ready for pick up at the desk; this may take up to two working days to arrange. If you require other arrangements then contact our reception staff on the above email or phone number. If it is an urgent script then you may need to call. In some cases, your doctor may not be able to provide the script and instead ask that you book for an appointment to review the script or to have a check up; this is done for your safety and health. Staff will contact you if this is the case.

Please do not use this email for other general correspondence; it is a script (or referral) only facility. See 'feedback' page for general comments or ring the practice for all other issues.

You can also use this email for routine repeat REFERRALS; please note that the staff and doctors will review your request and advise if your request for referral is suitable. A referral fee of $20 applies for specialist, pathology or radiology referrals including lost referrals and requests for change of provider. Please ensure all information is provided in your email including your details and the providers details. Please note that it is unlawful for a doctor to backdate your referral. It needs to be done prior to your specialist visit to attract a medicare rebate for your specialist visit. Please understand that our doctors cannot back date these for you.

We do not use encrypted email and even though we have IT security protocols in place, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information sent by email.


98 Waratah Blvd
Canning Vale WA 6155


Tel: 9456-5999
Tel: 9456-5988

We do not use encrypted email and although we take precautions with IT security we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of email correspondence.

Thanks for your Order!

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